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“Student wellbeing is present when students realise their abilities, take care of their physical wellbeing, can cope with the normal stresses of life and have a sense of purpose and belonging to a wider community”.(cf NCCA Guidelines for Wellbeing 2018)

We aim to create a safe and happy environment which enriches the lives of all our students. The wellbeing of our students is critical to their success in education. A whole school approach involves all members of the school community engaging in a collaborative process to provide a range of supports that cater for the learning, social, emotional and behavioural needs of our students. The six indicators of wellbeing outlined by the new Junior Certificate guidelines are embraced throughout all aspects of a student’s life in St. David’s CBS.

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We are an Ambassador School for Cycle Against Suicide since 2015

WellBeing Week

Each Year the school holds a Wellbeing Week where students engage in a number of activities and talks to promote both positive mental and physical health. The week includes a mix of whole school activities, year group activities and class activities. Breakfast mornings, 5km walks, fitness day, meditation, mindful colouring, motivation and mental health talks are all part of the week. Students are encouraged to become aware of their own wellBeing and the wellbeing of their peers. There is a strong focus on developing a shared sense of place and connectedness and the benefits of engaging in physical activities.

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Friendship Week

Each year the school holds a Friendship Week and the value of Friendships is actively promoted to all year groups. Programmes included are Conversation Circle Time (First year students meet with their TY Peer Mentors to discuss in small groups their transition to St David’s) Special Friend/ Act of Kindness Nominee and Poster and Poetry Competitions (on theme of Friendship and Anti- Bullying)

Social Personal and Health Education

The SPHE programme in the school provides students with the opportunity to develop self-awareness skills and competencies to make informed decisions about their health in addition to their personal and social development. SPHE provides opportunities for reflection and discussion and promotes self esteem and confidence.

  • If you need help which we all do at certain times in our lives, please talk to a friend and let an adult know within the school community

Supports for Young People

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